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  2. hard to go wrong with the 8347PT-1's unless like Dave says they're put into a bad situation. they're a composition type construction that will allow at least .003 total out of flat so Yup they're great for a fresh job that didn't have a fatal flaw to begin with. i ran them with TRW '12:1' big domes that calc'd out to about 11.3:1 in the real world. no issues with tremendous detonation even after the 2nd time around. that's right i had to pull it down, cleaned them up & they went again with a little copper spray consider the endurance mod, it's just a little steam hole in a dead flow spot near the front blocked off passage
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  4. yeah iv herd that to. just wondering if it actually does have a scallop on the inside of the water jacket? i have a black block here at home with pillows too but its a factory 302c auto that had A/C but it does not have any other XE nascar block features i will have to check if it has scallops on the inside, might be a casting change for the last blocks they cast here australia
  5. I like the PT-1's that come in the FelPro gasket kit, none of my stuff was ever decked or milled and they always sealed up !
  6. I believe their intent was to get more cooling area around the cylinders
  7. hey Justinhip are those pillow's above the welsh plugs hollow/scolloped out in the water jacket side or are they full thickness ??? the bits with the green numbers on them
  8. Yes, tag was in the dist hole, all red oxide and has the X-ray measurements on the head surfaces.
  9. I decided to build mine also. Did yours come with the Ford Green inspection tag and was it primed in red oxide?
  10. I think you should build an engine for one of the big name monster trucks using CGI version. Grave Digger (Chevy panel truck) would be a good candidate. You'll need about 500++ cubic inches and a supercharger to get to around 1600 hp. It just might make America great again!
  11. Very nice attention to some of the finer details. How much longer before the first dyno pulls?
  12. Last week
  13. Cleveland Air Flow testing Article Ford Muscle Magazine
  14. so other than to save weight, why not add block material to support that bottom of those long sleeves as well? just wondering if it would add strength or just weight?
  15. Lone Wolfe 1 will be rockin the strips......
  16. Thanks. This engine was a drag motor with roller cam, etc. from about 20 years ago? and then maybe used for circle track. It was crated for a long time. I'm not sure which use would have caused the owner to weld in those breathers up front. It's actually a 400 block with the 351C 4V heads. When I get back up to the car in a week, I will check it out further, timing, compression check, etc. Cool. Thanks!
  17. Hell, the Cleveland has always been an LS killer!
  18. Wish I had the bucks to pull the trigger on an aluminum block..... wish I had the bucks for the CGI block!!! Maybe I should try a go fund me page! lol
  19. the pre cut Plug wires I like are the ones for the 1982 351 M Pickup Wires they Go around the front of the head so the Valve covers can be removed with out taking off the Spark plug wires! With a Mallory I use the power tower adapters to fit the Wires to the post type ends.
  20. Meh, I never bothered using the pre-cut kits with an aftermarket dizzy. I always just bought the aftermarket "you-cut-to-lenght" kits and made the wires the length I wanted them to be.
  21. IMO on a combo that isn't super high compression and/or is a no power adder deal damn near any brand conventional type head gasket will get the job done......even the cheap azz crappy re-builder head gaskets. Just remember to re-torque after a few heat/cool cycles regardless of brand. If stepping up your game then Felpros over the cheap stuff. If big power adders then ditch the Felpros for either the high dollar Cometic head gaskets or use copper head gaskets & embedded O-rings.
  22. LOVE IT! Power by Ford baby! All the engineering Ford didn't have the time to develop in the 351C block has been released in the Track Boss. Thank you Tim Meyer!
  23. cheers guys is the 1013 a worth upgrading to??? iv never used them but it seems they are easier to clean up off the deck if you have to remove them is this true? some sort of anti stick coating cheers jak
  24. No worries im just a little sensitive. Lol. Ask Tinman.
  25. That was my engine, turns out the coolant was coming out of the header bolt holes. Not all just 2 or 3 of the lower ones.I guess my bolts were to long. Chris
  26. Track Boss Cleveland block update 7/21.... ***Please take the time to read all and view the pictures*** The cylinder sleeves have been installed. LOOK closely, and you can see that the Track Boss Cleveland block has a 6.125" long cylinder sleeve. Longest cylinder available in a Cleveland block. No more piston hanging out the bottom of the cylinder on those stroker engines. Custom shouldered main studs have arrived. Big thanks to Boninfante Friction for this quality stud. (Standard fastener) WHY use a shouldered stud, the hollow dowel makes the main a little bit thinner and is not as rigid, and the solid dowel pin located between the inner & outer bolts gives an area where a crack could start. Randy Gillis from Racetec pistons (good old die hard Cleveland guy) gave me permission to share his last comments..... Tim , This block has been a long time coming and the wait has been worth it. As you know I have owned an original Oct 1968 Ford manufactured 351C aluminum block for almost forty years. This block makes mine obsolete. Splayed main cap bolts, extra long sleeves, thick bulkheads, thick decks , improved metallurgy , are just a few of the things I see. Using a premier casting company with state of the art capabilities is a huge plus as well. Total in house CNC machining allows complete control of the finished product and if needed instant “customization”. I look forward to seeing the results of this block being put to use. We used to have to rely on old OEM blocks for our racing Cleveland engines but now there are three aftermarket offerings with the release of the Track boss. Your “tube” videos of actual machining procedures is a first for any block manufacturer. Well done. Randy Gillis Sales Manager For more information: For sales in Australia visit Precision International
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