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  1. that makes me feel betteras we run a 2" spacer to adapt my 4500 1050 to the Strip Dommy. was wondering if I would be better off dropping a 950 4150, right on the intake.
  2. looks like a great time, and a great arrangement. I like the review at the end of the year deal.. You own the car, and you are there when it runs. so you are fully aware of any car related issues or misuse. in the end, you two can part ways and you can either drive the car yourself, or sell it. nice time slips!
  3. one thing for sure.. you need new plug wires.. 4V heads, post June 1970 (4 dot heads) interesting spacer plates, they look rather thin.. when you tear it down we may need details on those..
  4. I think I found a way to raise the quotas, try it, I adjusted from 500 to 20,000 kb. try it and see.. ~blizz
  5. Tim Meyer sells those bellhousings so he may have the proper one for you in stock.. he sells lots of parts to dirt track guys who some still run 3 spd toploaders..
  6. nope its a 351M/400 block.. see the 1" tall rib next to the dizzy and the intake spacers? . which if its a 400, it has lots of potential and will work really really well in that heavier 64 Galaxie.. if it was built right with flat top heads zero decked and closed chamber 4V's it would be higher compression mid 11 to 1? with that much torque, you could go to 3:50's and still smoke them on demand. I wouldn't go much deeper than 3:75's if she's a driver without OD, if that's a wide ratio toploader 1st is plenty low.. and just because I'm too old for all that rpm noise going down the freeway, and you will just blow the tires out from under it on a hard launch so why?
  7. they came from Jimmy Huff on the boat anchor build, i believe they are Price Motorsports spacers, I think TimMeyer is also a dealer for Price Motorsports spacers as well. .875 thick, i just went out and measured.. I'll sell them and the spider'd out strip dominator intake for 4,000 dollars along with the 418 shortblock. dyno time only. deal of the spring for someone..
  8. wow, how much machine time to cut those down to press in size? and bore?
  9. I just drag everything from my PC right into the drag files here to attach box, cuz I figure I'm paying for the software space on there server, might as well fill it up..
  10. my plates for the 400 are about 5/8" to 3/4" thick I can measure them tonight..
  11. not sure why this software likes me more than it likes you Steve, but the pictures drag and upload just fine for me..
  12. Plexi? and let everyone see my speed secrets? it would have to be smoked plexi, to hide the 'magic'
  13. Bud Moore 351C Intake My new toy, thanks Easter Wabbit, FedEx and Garrett Truitt! From the old Forum, Dan Jones wrote about this intake. it is 6-5/8" tall and very heavy, I'm guessing at least 30# What is pictured above is a maxi-plenum which is a 351C intake and is indeed a Bud Moore piece. A variety of tops were made, allowing any type of carb (standard Holley,Dominator Holley, 3x2 barrel, Autolite Inline 4 barrel, etc.) to be mounted.Pictured with single Holley 4150/4160 4 barrel top and Dominator top. This was the preferred intake for NASCAR and Trans Am use in the 1970's. It's difficultto tell from the photo but the flow makes a right angle turn, across the shelf,over to the adjacent side wall where the runner begins. Then it goes backacross the manifold to the opposite side port. In effect, the Box is a tunnelram, packaged neatly under a stock hood (and within NASCAR rules). Always thought it would make an excellent EFI intake. BTW, it is quite heavy for an aluminum intake. I never ran it but I know a guy who did and thought very highly of the intake, though it would take a big pump shot to start and then it would fire up with a bang.Dan Jones
  14. I think the market for used blocks will continue to climb, lots of blocks won't go past .030 over, and most guys won't be able to swing 3K or more for way more block than they need. I see factory blocks climbing to the 750 range, as more and more cars are drug out from sheds and put on the road. I also see it peaking in 10 years like the FE stuff did a few years back, just to hard to compete with the SBF in price. The muscle cars will continue to fetch great prices, many will be restored and most restores will want 351C blocks for those Mustangs Torinos, Cougars and Montegos that were factory 351C cars. every day I add 3-8 people to the 351C Facebook page. the guys are out there.. the interest is there. and Ford quit maken 351c blocks a long, long time ago..