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  1. All the cover did was tie the tops of the rocker studs to the valve cover to the head to stabilize the stud. I don't see how once the lash was set with it's own nut/lock that putting an additional nut on top of the stud would make the lash vary.
  2. My first Cleveland build I put the head gasket on backwards. Had to have everything turned again. Rebuilt the engine. Fired it up. After warm up had no/low oil pressure. The machine shop could not find any cracks or any problems with the block. Rebuilt again... same problem. Had the machine shop tear down the block to check my build and could find no problems. The shop had a known good running Cleveland. Machined new block and cleaned everything back up. I reassembled the new block and everything went great! Got 75k HARD miles out of that Cleveland before it blew. It was in a '76 F150. Had been racing a Volkswagon gti. I was ahead coming off an on ramp and it dropped a valve grenading the engine. Bought a short block from NAPA, had to find another head. Put it back in the F150 and sold it!
  3. Wish I had the bucks to pull the trigger on an aluminum block..... wish I had the bucks for the CGI block!!! Maybe I should try a go fund me page! lol
  4. Sorry Steve.K. lol The DOH!!! was in response to Tmeyer posting that he carries the Aeroflow steel thrust plate after I bought one! I guess I should have posted the quote with the comment.
  5. I would think it would be the same as a F series truck. Doesn't it have the same grill with square headlights like the truck? 2wd or 4wd?
  6. Found this on feebay. Just picked one up. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-351C-429-460-Steel-Racing-Cam-Camshaft-Thrust-Plate-Retainer-Big-Block-BBF/231435234781?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649.
  7. So what options are there when using a steel hydraulic roller? Bronze and Roller! If the originals are iron for iron camshafts, does anyone make a steel camshaft thrust plate? Maybe Melonite coated like some of the steel distributor gears. Pros/Cons? Looks like a job for Tmeyer!
  8. There is a guy on feebay (ATI rep) that sells ATI with cosmetic defects. I got one internal balance for like $245 if I remember correctly. It had a small issue with the anodizing. Barely noticable! Smoking DEAL!
  9. That's cool! Sounds good! Would like to see shots of RPM & speedo gauges vs driver!
  10. So what is the advantage of the LS look big single throttle body vs having two quad throttle bodies on top?
  11. You sure on those lift numbers? I see .594 in. and .611 ex. Cam # 231175?
  12. I recently watched an episode of "How it's Made". They were building a Peugeot. The aluminum 4 was heated in an oven,don't remember the temp. A robot pulls the block out and a robot inserted all four sleeves at the same time and the block went back into another oven to slowly cool down and it was done. No further machining needed. How it's made has some pretty cool super car builds.
  13. A little sandblasting and paint too...lol