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  1. So what is the advantage of the LS look big single throttle body vs having two quad throttle bodies on top?
  2. You sure on those lift numbers? I see .594 in. and .611 ex. Cam # 231175?
  3. I recently watched an episode of "How it's Made". They were building a Peugeot. The aluminum 4 was heated in an oven,don't remember the temp. A robot pulls the block out and a robot inserted all four sleeves at the same time and the block went back into another oven to slowly cool down and it was done. No further machining needed. How it's made has some pretty cool super car builds.
  4. A little sandblasting and paint too...lol
  5. We need a sticky for DEAL of the day! I just picked up a set of NIB 3 Milodon splayed main caps (11440) and the 4th front splayed cap (11445) for $65 bucks! Is the stock block able to handle the splayed bolt cap drilling and tapping? My block has already been line honed by Tmeyer so may not need but couldn't pass up the deal!!!!
  6. I hadn't seen the EMC video but I did see the write up in EMC magazine. The video was way more cool!
  7. I found this " Duals providing a backup is a false notion. If you need the rate of duals for high rpm, (1) if you break the outer, then the inner alone won't be enough to keep the piston from kissing the valve, and (2) most of the extra rate is lost on the extra spring mass and the much larger retainer. "So the second spring is for resonance/harmonic and not a safety net? The Pac RPM beehive cost the same as the RPM dual!
  8. So what's everybody's take on beehive springs. Pac has a 1200 series that looks like a regular beehive then they have a 1400 series that looks like Comps conical. Then they have a RPM series that's beehive shape and a dual spring not beehive.
  9. So here's the next question...Why A3? Why not C3 or even D3. I thought each level up in head was the latest greatest in development. I guess in Nascar anyways.
  10. You picked up 10cfm on which heads? You show pics of AFD heads and TFC and A3 and air flow supremacy. Are you building 2 engines?
  11. Just realized that's $1000 Australian for 4 components ( dizzy,wires,coil,box). The voltage booster is $270 Australian ($203 US). Converting to US dollar.$1000 Aus.to US is $755 US. MSD pro billet $301, msd 6Al $254,msd super conductor wires $113,msd blaster hvc coil $133. Thats $801 for msd! I definitely will be looking further into the ICE products. Ice also has 3 year warranty!
  12. Yea pricey! checking out the site,complete 7 amp (most "economical") street system: distributor,wires,inductive box and coil are $1000. Another $270 for a voltage booster. I think Tmeyer should be a distributor in the USA for ICE and sell it! You sell CHI so you should be a shoe in.
  13. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1971-73-Ford-Mustang-Original-351C-Upper-Water-Inlet-Thermosat-Housing-/162530218202?hash=item25d78e50da:g:0NkAAOSw03lY46XV&vxp=mtr
  14. Anybody using ICE products? From Australia. Pretty pricey! Been used in some EMC competitors.
  15. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Early-1970s-Ford-351-Cleveland-Water-Neck-OEM-/252927560353?hash=item3ae3a84aa1:g:QhUAAOSwB-1YwMlp&vxp=mtr