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  1. Contact Tim Meyer at and he can get for you the exact replacement to the 333-180 at a great price. or go to eBay Australia and get the exact replacement from Dayco, going this route I bough four and total cost after shipping came to $32 each.
  2. I would give Tim a call. Take a look he has a section in this forum: TMeyer.
  3. Not affiliated with maker, vendors, kickback, no longer a member of, I'm only trying to pass the word to help get the upcoming batch of new Thunder intakes rolling as I'm picking up two units, certain number of orders needed before production takes off. Great intake IMO, good mid range thru higher rpm.
  4. I asked BilzzND to delete my membership, he hasn't ... I'll just abstain from now on... i didn't think my question was either that dumb or basic. But either way, I belong to other forums in other interests like firearms and big game fishing both of which I have knowledge about and I'm helpful to lesser " knowlegeable" members. Somewhere just recently I read another member who said " that's why I don't participate anymore " it could be the heavy hitters don't want membership from new members? I don't know. George, I did noticed no question is too simple or too basic in the Pantera forum. I appreciate the way forum members help each other on that forum.
  5. thank you for your explanation
  6. I did a real shitty job with my grammar if that's what i sounded like I was asking.
  7. Thank you for your advise, yes you are right - I also have a fan/shroud deficiency, I'm installing dual electric fans, I'm also swapping my 4V CC heads for 4V OC heads to bring down compressionby a good point or so, I have about 11.67 to 1 and I run the car in the streets, way too much IMHO. Given the illustrations you posted I see where I would need to drill such passage, but the Weiand pump doesn't have enough meat in that area. The FlowKooler pump is looking like the way to go.
  8. if I had to start from scratch I would buy a FlowKooler unit, but my Weiand pump is practically new and it looks very capable of doing the job, given all other aspects of my cooling system are up to par. Last I ran the car the mechanical water temp gage would quickly claim up when sitting on a red light, I discovered my engine did not have a thermostat and it needed flushing the system.Now I installed a Cleveland correct high flow 180 thermostat and I'm planning one adding some antifreeze (about 25%) along with Lucas waterwetter. I've been looking diligently illustrations where to open/drill a hole to the Weiand water pump, the closest I've gotten is that the hole needs to be 5/16" but I have no idea where to drill the hole in the pump itself.
  9. I have a 1970 Mach1 with the Saginaw pump and a Borgeson gear box. My crank pulley is a two-groove March #1631.
  10. I have a '70 Mach1 with a shaker, currently running a 391C with a strip dom intake on top of iron CC heads. Here's what I found in trial and error, the Strip Dominator, the Blue Thunder both offered the necessary clearance to run the shaker, out of the two intakes actually the dommy ran smoother than the blue thunder through out the entire power band, both sit about an inch higher than the stock intake, but doable with the shaker. I had the opportunity of making a side by side comparison of the CHI 4V head VS the iron 4V CC head, and I concluded that for my application which is strictly street/strip, no class competition or anything competitive, it was not worth the expense, the only significant advantage that I see in an alloy head VS an iron head for a casual user like myself would be the heat dissipation properties of the aluminum head. These days you can actually keep an eye out for someone selling freshly done, screw in stud, SS valve 4V heads for under 1K.
  11. Oh, I'm sorry you are right. But the W-2 is an over-the-counter part like the Ford Motorsport C3 would be for the Cleveland, I though we were referring to OEM only, not over-the-counter.
  12. W2's aftermarket, also require aftermarket intake, offset rockers, pushrods and head gaskets.
  13. Glad they are not calling it a "Windsor " even though it's founded on a Dart block. The heads make the engine. It would not be the first time that we see a canted-valve head SBF being called a Windsor for marketing purposes. Its obvious I do not know much about engine building by the basic stuff I post, but I'm willing to bet if they had a Challenge with OEM headed small blocks from all makers, the Cleveland would do to them what it has always done.