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  1. I wanted to updated this thread. I talked to the FiTech tech support. Their response is that they don't know if it the ignition control would be compatible with the Duraspark ignition. They have not tested it. I will guess, but have not personally tested it, that you can make it work with the Duraspark distributor, but it won't work with the Duraspark module unless some unknown electronic modifications are done. I think you could make it work with the DS distributors the same way the MSD box is connected. MSD has an adapter for this purpose or you can just use the two wires of the distributor (non ground). You will also need to lock up the advance system of the DS distributor probably welding or screwing it. And then you will need to find a way to phase the rotor. The FiTech tech person said that they recommend the MSD distributors because you can easily lock up the advance and use the phasable rotor to phase the distributor. He said that an alternative are the Top Street Performance (TSP) distributors that are compatible with MSD at a lesser cost. I think that I will end up going with a TSP distributor and a MSD box.
  2. Does anyone know if the timing control would work with a Duraspark I type ignition?
  3. I got a response. As expected, the timing control doesn't work with Pertronix III. Here is their response, "You cannot use this for timing control. You would have to use a 2 wire msd style distributor with a magnetic pick up that can be locked out and phased."
  4. I wrote them asking if the ignition control is compatible with the Pertronix III multi-spark ignition and had gotten no responses. I have sent them two emails already. It does not seem that their customer service is that good, which is a negative to me.
  5. So it should work with a Pertronix III ignition, right?
  6. This is my first post here. My project is a 1971 Mustang Mach1 351-4V. I am no completely sold into the idea of running EFI. On one hand I like the idea of being able to tune A/F ratios, timing and not have to deal with carb hesitation (sometimes due to improper tuning). On the other hand, I like the old and tried carbs, specially no electronics that if they go bad they can leave you stranded. As of now my engine is fairly stock with a modest CAM (Crane 272H10 #133042), 670 Holley, Dual plane intake and Hooker headers. I don't know what else is in it since I bought the car about a year ago. My 3-5 year plan is to stroke it to 393 and change the cam to be more inline with the recommendations from Mr. Pence. When I saw this EFI unit that part of me that's in favor of EFI started thinking..... can I get this now use it in the engine as it is, and in the future when I stroke it, can I still use it? Since it is self learning, can it be that versatile. I am interested in hearing your thoughts. Going back to this specific unit. I searched the forums and did not find information on the new FiTech EFI unit.From Pace: is said to be a self-contained and self-learning TBI. The ECU is built-in the throttle body so you need very few wires to install this thing. Overall seems very easy to install. Searching in the internet I read excellent reviews. The only negatives are questions in regards to reliability due to the ECU being exposed to the engine heat, specially when the car is turned off. In this case maybe a plastic spacer should help. Only time will tell on that one. The ECU unit could also be programmed to work with the timing.Here is a thread that shows the installation in a Corvette: whatever is worth I found one Dyno comparison and 441 LS7. The HP and Torque are very close except in the mid range where the EFI unit was a tad ahead. The low end appears to be a tad better too, which make sense due to what I expect to give better fuel atomization at the low end. ( Someone back in the 7173 Mustang forum pointed out that Holley is coming with a similar version, called Sniper,