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  1. Kind of what I was thinking. Thanks
  2. Do not really know as have not checked into this. I know finding someone who can work on a set of cleveland heads can be problematic. Seems cutting the post down for adjustable rockers can be a problem. Where I am (NW Arkansas) there really is no performance industry. I just do not want to have what I already have done to the Aussie head done wrong and so have to start all over again. I need them cut for adjustable rockers, Opened up for larger valves, unshrouding the combustion chamber, etc. I have a feeling this would cost as much as just getting a set of aluminum ones. Do not really know tho.
  3. I may be running into a problem with my project. I have a 56 Courier that I am putting a cleveland in. It has been in there but I have made some changes and do not know if it will work. Right now I have a set of headers I made up to fit with Aussie heads. The thing is the heads are stock so I am looking at getting a set of aftermarket aluminum heads. I figure for what I would have to spend prepping the Aussie heads I can buy a set of aluminum ones. Thing about getting a set is the exhaust port placement. I see where Trickflow says theirs move the exhaust port up .1 inch. It is REAL tight right now so do not know if the headers would fit or not. I know I could make up another set of headers but would like to not have to. Any good aftermarket heads that have the stock placement of the exhaust port? I am not racing this as it is going to be a restomod for crusing and shows.