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  1. My block was tapped 1/2NPT in your #4. #3 is a great location for aftermarket temp sensors or stock ported vacuum switches. Your water beck would make a killer location for an electric fan switch because it wouldn't get hot 'till the thermostat opens, but the crew is right that water neck is way wrong for early mustang if you're going for original. If you can't find one to your liking from tmeyer I found that early 429/460 water necks (still being made new by four seasons) are a pretty close and clean solution.
  2. You've got an interesting build there. There's been many internet write ups on the 400 stroked to a larger displacement taking serious advantage of the taller deck hieght and their unique potential. Its got a great platform- 600 dyno HP sounds fun!
  3. What kind of Estimated HP and RPM did the FEL PRO start to spit out? I run clevelands on street and show engines- racers never came to see me at the parts store for head gaskets.
  4. Looking forward to hearing from you more. I run a hydraulic roller custom grind and can't wait to find out where my specs parallel yours.
  5. I don't disagree with your examples. In this case water jackets with cooling system pressure aren't sealing to the back of the block- probably not from NOS or boost or extreme heat. One seals and one doesn't. Looks like machine surface problem or wrong placement as suggested by pictures. Gasket could be right and upside down. This isn't a problem with torquing or extra sealers unless the extra sealers are causing the leak.
  6. Head gaskets should seal without extra sealer. There's debate on aviation seal and copper coat, but the source of information should be the manufacture- not what you read here or what your machinist said- because manufactures incorporate different new tech periodically. If the manufacture says dry- run it dry. If fel pro says 115lb in three steps, that's what it should be. FEL PRO has a bigger R&D budget than all of us combined- I've never gone wrong until I second guessed the manufacture. That said- I have a really stupid question- are your head gaskets installed with the correct side up/forward? I've seen the leak you're talking about: once from rust and once from an upside down gasket. The pic you posted made me wonder. Good Luck.
  7. I don't want to sound like I like Holley or huge companies buying out little ones. I was pointing out the positives there. I agree that when the monster buys the little guy they tend to kill all innovation. I saw reps demo a few new cool parts from Barry Grant back in the day that just disappeared after Holley bought them( shut down!) and I get the feeling all r and d and innovation was canned. I've seen one new product from them since, and it wasn't that great (Carter AFB mixed with a thermoquad - What were they thinking?) before they scaled back everything. Image what new innovations we would have seen with independence? So I guess I join your lament for quick fuel and only want to point out that Holley is good for availability and parts and warranty- and they usually take decades to effect quality like hurst. So don't judge quick fuel as junk until you've held it and run it; and I won't keep my hopes up ...
  8. Can't wait to see tims valve covers.
  9. Don't be so quick to judge. Barry Grant was a great company that started as a Holley rip off- by a guy who used to rework holleys. Demon Carbs were their brain child. When Holley bought them, they left everything the same and actually cleaned up their quality control and improved their warranty and standing with distributors and customers. Other plus outcomes were improved supply lines and more consistent availability of those top quality products. The legitimate downscale came after the market turned against the hobby in the US and Holley cut back the product line to not directly compete with their namesakes improved product. My point is- sometimes they make it better; so don't write off quick fuel until there's a reason! I picked up a fitech EFI for my Cleveland. I'll do a write up once I get it going- I've been focused on the inside of my car for a while and ignoring what's under the hood.
  10. Racers told me there was enough variance on 16 lobes to get them to move +\- a degree or two, they where using ELGIN cams. I imagine it would vary depending on manufactur. My custome grind from comp was perfect within my ability to measure all 16 lobes; waste of time- if I'd been that thorough with the rest of the machine work- I never would have needed to built the following two Cleveland motors
  11. Sloppy chain aside, I select target valve times and correct for crank key way and ground advance and let it go, I don't want to wait 50kmikes to dovelop max power or second guess proven cam specs. The racers I sold to claimed they degreed each lobe and then set the correction to favor the most common events- each lobe has some difference. I only did that on one motor; too time consuming with no difference I could ever use. Good luck!
  12. You will be REALLY happy with the right part- take it from a guy who did it wrong once! Glad you didn't use the other- hope you get a refund!
  13. I've only degreed a few- The only cam I ever measured that was correct to the card was a custom grind. I've heard most manufactures grind in extra advance and don't talk much about it- no one I typically sold to used degree wheels and those that did just took care of it with crank sprocket adjustment. If you have the $ Howard makes a roller bearing timing set with multiple adjust key ways. If you don't - there's a ton of tru roller and double roller sets that are usually available in various advance retard setups by keyway selection. It's easier to find than an offset key way in a given degree for cleavland: But more$. Remember with these that you usually get what you pay for. Good luck.
  14. Steve- thanks for the thoughts on the carbs for clevelands and your take. My point of view is biased by what sold as a parts guy and what I run. I ditched the Holley 750VS for a demon 675VS and found loads of power, throttle response and better mileage. It was perfect out of the box. My only regret is the over-simplified choke that just won't set up right. My next trick is EFI from FiTech: I'll post with a few pics when I get to it.