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  1. And Ford still lets teams in ARCA run with Ford stickers on their cars. How retarded is that?
  2. When will the iron Trackboss be available though?
  3. As much as I would love to see a 500 inch Cleveland I don't see it happening. There just isn't enough after market support of it or any sbf. Look at all the after market support there is for the LS. Almost every day there is a new part produced in the after market for the LS. That is why the swap is so prevalent in the hobby, plus it's cheap and not complex like the MOD motor. Shoot the MOD motor doesn't even fit in an older Mustang or Fairlane without cutting the shock towers.
  4. It's to appease to LS swap crowd.
  5. Bob Glidden passes

    RIP Bob. Thanks for all the Ford victories.
  6. Tim when do you expect the CGI blocks to be cast?
  7. C runs warm

    What do you have for a fan and shroud? How far away is fan from radiator. Typically the fan should be about halfway into the shroud opening.
  8. C runs warm

    Why did you go with a 2 core if A/C was in your plans? I run a 4 core brass in my Mustang without A/C and its fine never goes over 200*.
  9. Just measure the circumference of the balancer. Should be able to find it at Summit or Jegs.
  10. Clean up the balancer the marks are on there.
  11. Did you try NAPA store? I just looked and both the one for the gauge and light have the same thread 1/4-18 NPT.
  12. Making Motor Mounts

    Could you go with a front motor plate instead of traditional mounts? This would free up space for headers.