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  1. There seems to be a lot of controversy over how much hp the big or small valve oc 4v head can make. Lets see your results here. I just did one with Rasputin so I'll let him post. I will say i did another mud truck motor for a buddy years ago who won a wall of trophies with his setup. Lets see eother dyno sheets or timeslips. Or even personal stories on the mislead oc head??
  2. I've tried to set it this way a few times. Never seem to get it right. Especially with higher duration cams.
  3. So a 1/2 groove is upper shell only? What is 3/4? The have partial grooves in cap shell?
  4. While the new cars boast fast times in all the mags i dont see it at track. My sons mild cammed 302 77 mustang will put the hurt on 5.0 2015 stang and new 425hp ragtop camaro. His engine far from exotic.
  5. Yes coupe its very interesting. A lot of guys will say its bogus reporting but he does say he took info from quote a accumulation of reports and edited into one. The engine size on most are 400+ cubes. So says a lot to where the Cleveland sits.
  6. Well having a minor discussion on another forum about our little c motor. Some say it was a overgrown misfit and never ran good on street till highly modified and ports filled to mimick the run of mill motors. Hmmmm! Glad im not the only one who thinks otherwise. http://www.streetmusclemag.com/news/musclecarclub-coms-list-of-the-50-fastest-muscle-cars/. Then heres another from chebby camp. Seems the boss is in good company. Even dethroned fords own king 428. http://www.chevyhardcore.com/news/the-top-50-fastest-muscle-cars-of-all-time/
  7. Nascar Cleveland

    George that's awesome!! Im not sure how you find all that. It always impresses me!!
  8. Ok all you cleveland history buffs!! What was the last year for Cleveland on oval? I know bill elliot kicked serious ass in 85!! Was his block already the Cleveland/ Windsor hybrid?
  9. Rasputin (dougs) made 480 limited to 6000 rpm.Hyd flat tappet 9.3 compression and the above mentioned d3 heads.
  10. George are you talking the d3ze-aa small valve head? In our porting tests nothing outflows that head from ford. Ported or not. Only the best aftermarket are close. Also Danford i have adapted the 3v intake to 4v closed chamber heads. You have to add .630 extensions to lower side of runners where it mates to head. Then remachine flat. This places port very high up and obviously is quite abit smaller than head runner. We only seen a gain of couple 100ths in 1/8 over tried and true strip dommy so switched back as car seemed more consistent with old manifold.
  11. Danford when i bought my chi4v heads i was hoping to see big gains over my old hand ported 4v cc heads. Unfortunately i only picked up a 1/10 on 408 cubes. Same intake ,cam , and everything. It wasnt till i put the chi 400 intake on it picked up more. Likely another 2/10. Knowing what I know now about the iron heads i would not buy any alloy heads but the best. Ie. Scott cook full race head, chi 3v full race or sc1 0r equivalent. With the work we did to iron heads over last couple years only the very best heads out perform the stock cast with less money into them than the cost of new alloy. So if you spend a little money on your current cast heads get a new cast block from Trackboss the outlook is looking very good. Also the oc head responds better to mild port work and is easier to get good flow. After the work we did with dougs 9.3 comp motor it would be easy in my book to see 600 hp with 10-10.5 comp. motor.
  12. It was quite high that bowl lol im thinking hood clearance tight.
  13. I have some revamping to do. Lol. Had drop base on two units! you likely did post this one. Im slow getting with it.