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developed something most peculiar... a rather loud whistle 2003

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whistling while she worksMay 5 2003 at 6:51 PM
Ben Sinclair  (Login duplox)
from IP address
my cleveland has developed something most peculiar... a rather loud whistle, which i hear when its idling in neutral, at about 600-900rpm. if i rev it, i cant tell if it goes away or is just drowned out by the engine. cant tell exactly where its coming from either, but its coming from the back left of the engine, if you're standing in front of the car and lookin at it. Its not coming from the PCV tube, or the carb as far as i can tell. i put on a big ol' glove and just went around covering things up to see what smothers the sound.. nothin did. any ideas where the glove should travel next?
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Super Roo
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Air going past the main venturie May 5 2003, 9:17 PM 
I have a oddball tq I put together, modified in different places for more cfm. That thing has a mean whistle at idle that goes away when you open the butterflys. I think no choke plate may have something to do with it. It's laying in a box marked 'carburator whistle'. Lay that fat glove over the carb primaries.
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Ben Sinclair
(Login duplox)
i'll give it a go tomorrow May 5 2003, 9:34 PM 
i thought it was somethin with the carb, but when i took off the air filter it didnt get any louder.. but who knows, i'll try. My carb is currently modified for blow thru, and there are holes drilled to the throttle shafts, maybe thats whats whistling.. i'll investigate tomorrow. until i figure it out, i'll keep on driving it. i could just tell people who're wondering that its blower whine! LOL

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