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dampers and timing pointers May 2003 glen

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dampers and timing pointers May 7 2003 at 1:59 AM glen  (no login)

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are all C, M, and 400 timing pointers on the left side when looking at the front of the engine? i was going to say passenger side but some of us swirl in the opposite direction. what i'm getting at is, are the timing marks on all C, M, 400 balancers in the same place identical? the C i just yanked would time better off of #5 than #1. the heads are off, one of these days i plan to check out how the pointer and balancer looks in regard to piston position. the reason i'm asking and not just jumping to the "it slipped" conclusion is because i know the balancer is not original on the engine but don't know from where it came.

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Member timing events May 7 2003, 6:16 AM 

Don't know for sure if all C's had exact same marks on the balancers. Likely, they did but Ford could have changed marks and/or postioning of timing pointers as this was common practice. With the heads off, you should check the position to determine TDC and balancer mark comparison. Also, this makes it easy to check cam timing and see if chain is stretched. "On-the-money" cam timing makes a world of difference especially with high lift, long duration cams. 

Real problem with a slipped balancer escapes most folks. Timing and vibration can be a real headache but a serious issue is the danger of balancer coming apart at hi-revs and wrecking entire engine compartment & sheetmetal. That's why NHRA mandates an aftermarket balance in many faster classes.

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(no login) Balancer, dampner mystery May 9 2003, 1:20 AM 

Can you use a 351m, 400 balancer on a C? They should be 28ozer's? Not sure about depth of where the pulleys would line up? Someone here a while back said they are quite thick. Well a buddy has dirt track stock car C sitting on a stand, been there a few years, it has a huge dampner and it's a stock ford. I thought it was a boss dampner. He's not sure exactly where it came from but he knows it never came off a boss or h.o. engine, but something very ordinarily stock out of his collection of parts. Could it be off a 400?

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(no login) Balancer thickness May 9 2003, 1:45 AM 

is one of the few ways to tell a 351M from a 400. A 351M should be less than 1" thick while a 400 is more than 1" thick. Obviously it isn't fool proof, since they can be swapped and still remain in balance.

As far as I know, all 335 engines use a 28oz balance.

A 351CJ is somewhere in between standard 351C and Boss, but I haven't compared one to a 400 yet.

A Boss 351 balancer is very thick and has full timing marks. Balancer-resized-rs.jpg

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(no login) Thats it! May 9 2003, 12:40 PM 

I also remember that the timing marks went from 0-30 degrees. I will ask him, when he gets back to town, if the timing marks ever lined up properly or if he marked out a new zero.

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(no login) does your wife/significant other know your using her quilt to take pictures of car parts ? May 9 2003, 1:06 PM 


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Member Yep, you can as long as it's 28 oz. May 9 2003, 4:41 AM 

Hit it right, though, with depth of balancer and the number & spacing of pulleys. Must watch this as Ford (aarghh!) had numerous front engine "dress" set-ups for ps, a/c, etc. specific to different body types. Bet your buddy's balancer was from a 400. 

Anyone have any side-by-side balancer pics to offer?



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