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XE Boss 302 Heads

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Anyone know what this head came from? Bought a set of what I thought were 69 heads. One had C9ZE casting and other has SK and XE part number. 

It looks like a T.A. head. Can you post better photos of the heads. The XE numbers stamped in the head is hard to read. The "$ 13" means it's head #13.

        I'm guessing the heads are not drilled for smog passages right? That makes them T/A heads. You should see pressed in valve guides and stellite exhaust seats too. The head with the XE cast into it "may" not be the exact same head as the C9ZE head but it is "possible". The C9ZE head woudl have been one that did race in '69-70 as they had to have the part number to be SCCA leagal for Trans Am use. In back to back drag strip testing 34 years ago , T/A heads were 2-3 tenths and up to 4 mph better than a well ported set of '70 heads. T/A heads are noticably heavier than production heads as well. I can't track XE numbers but can track the SK numbers shoot it to me and I'll let you know what is different on that head and when the changer was designed. Nice find.
        Randy Gillis

appears to be a t/a head cut to make  a high port heads.these sold thru bud moore and jack roush . looks to be drill for 351c use. i had a set few yrs back no part #'s like this 1 . i got them off a woods brother winston cup car . they were used before ford motorsports stated to make alum. heads in mid 80's. good head but it is not a C9ZE boss 302 .

         The head pictured was more than likely done by Bud Moore. It is a "dry deck" T/A head. The casting dat is on the intake port but I can't see it clearly. Yes it was originally for a 302 but altered ( and then changed back) for a C block. These heads were used by Bud because they had internal bracing in them that production heads didn't. ALL heads with this type of port plate are known for cracking in the corner of the cut so beware and watch for external leaks if you do not mag them before using them. If the other head says C9ZE where the XE number is it too is a T/A head but a little later "SCCA legal" race head. There were several design changes made to T/A heads during their use but these could be a matched pair porting wise. I am in contact with one of the cylinder head guys from Bud Moore's and have verified they are from there originally. Good for a 355 or larger CI engine, or a high rpm 347.
     Randy Gillis

The C9ZE-B race head was a dry dry deck head and that has been shown before, notice the difference in the castings under the valve cover area. very minimal part number, no date code on his pair compared to a standard 9E25 production C9ZE-C head

The Blue head is a standard production C9ZE-C 1969 Boss 302 head photographed with a C9ZE-B race head for comparison.

 The blue XE head is so early it still has cast in valve guides. The non painted head has the pressed in valve guides. Also note the painted head is from the Windsor foundry by the large WF cast onto it.
        Randy Gillis

XE B302 head 1.jpg

XE B302 head 2.jpg

XE B302 head 3.jpg

XE B302 head 4.jpg

XE B302 head 5.jpg

XE B302 head 6.jpg

XE B302 head 7.jpg

XE B302 head 8.jpg

XE B302 head 9.jpg

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